Structured Programming for Substance Use Support

Partial Hospitalization Programming (PHP) from Real Recovery Clinical Services provides direct, structured support for young adults suffering from the effects of self-destructive substance abuse practices. A noticeable step down from full-time, in-patient care, PHP treatment allows clients to commute to and from their treatment center, five days a week. Young adults can continue to reside in the comfort of their own homes, while receiving concentrated support to help distance themselves from damaging addiction habits and proactive choices.

What are Levels of Care?

Is Partial Hospitalization Programming Right for Me?

Our PHP is right for individuals who have misused substances, or have struggled with recent, active addiction. Real Recovery Clinical Services offers a structured, five-day-a-week program to provide support and stabilization while reducing relapse risk. Partial Hospitalization Programming provides 30 hours a week of direct contact. Stability and coping with day-to-day challenges are key achievements at the PHP level. Instead of attending work or school, clients will focus on treatment goals, such as maintaining sobriety, expanding their recovery support network and learning skills to sustain recovery efforts.

What Can I Expect From PHP Treatment?

Partial Hospitalization Programs help pioneer positive, concrete change in the lives of young adults adversely affected by drug and alcohol addiction. At Real Recovery Clinical Services, our PHP treatment typically includes:

  • Daily group therapy focused on addiction foundations, scheduled process groups and addiction and family roles
  • Supervised personal reflection time with SMART Goal Setting
  • Weekly Recreational Therapy, where clients participate in healthy prosocial activities
  • Weekly Equine-Assisted Therapy, where clients work with horses in an experiential manner under the guide of a licensed mental health professional

  • Weekly yoga and guided meditation groups

  • Communicable disease education provided onsite by WNCAP prevention educators
  • Weekly spirituality groups with monthly integration option
  • Life skills focused on budgeting, home management and employment in recovery

Treatment focuses on skill-building and sustained recovery, through identification and pursuit of concrete coping mechanisms proven to reinforce recovery and prevent relapse.