Monthly Support and Family Education

Young adults in substance abuse treatment are met with unique challenges. These include landing a job, creating a schedule, returning to educational institutions and paying bills. Often due to struggles with addiction, young adults have not met these developmental milestones, straining both the young adult and his or her family. Real Recovery Clinical Services offers a treatment approach centered around helping young adults and their families move collectively toward a meaningful life, while encouraging progress through the developmental trajectory of young adulthood. Family therapy for addiction treatment is vital in helping families implement change, helpful in supporting the young adult facing addiction struggles, and the family unit as a whole.

A one-day event offered at no additional cost to participating families, the Family Program from Real Recovery Clinical Services offers free support and education to all attendants. The workshop provides an opportunity to meet staff, learn about addiction and recovery, identify and address communication roadblocks and make sense of behaviors, while supporting the family unit in cultivating self-compassion. We encourage family workshop attendance to supplement their loved one’s recovery.

What are Levels of Care?

What Can I Expect From a Family Program?

Whether it’s a traditional family, an extended family or an elected family support member, we’re committed to delivering information and comfort in an easily digestible workshop format.

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The Courage to Foster Change

Emotional blocks will undoubtedly surface as your young adult pursues freedom through recovery from substance abuse habits. For example, parents may sometimes feel resentful that their child continues to struggle. This resentment can influence parental helping behaviors, empathy and capacity to help foster change. Other parents may feel helpless, ill-equipped, left without necessary skills to help young adults properly cope with life’s challenges. These same parents might instead turn to relying on controlling or punitive techniques to motivate behavior change.

That’s exactly what our Family Workshops look to eliminate: any fears and obstacles that can interfere with the parent or caregiver’s ability to be effective in their efforts. Together, parents, caregivers and young adults can embrace the courage necessary to foster positive, productive change, replacing self-destructive substance use practices with proactive, healthy habits.

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