Science-Based Treatment and Support

Individual patients deserve individual treatment plans. At Real Recovery Clinical Services, we tailor treatment modalities specifically to our young adult demographic. And in better understanding our young adult clients – everything from expectations to doubts, brain development stages to the typical treatment response, we’re able to deliver an improved quality of care.

Across our PHP, IOP and OP programming, our licensed psychiatrists leverage a deep understanding of young adult development for improved results.

Our Philosophy

Understanding Key Young Adult Growth Indicators

Young adult growth is especially rooted in brain development. Our substance use treatment programming is deliberately reflective of young adult brain development stages, to provide high-level support for all clients. Specifically, we’ve structured PHP, IOP and OP services around young adult developmental growth indicators like risk-taking and novelty-seeking, heightened emotional intensity, social interaction and a blossoming of creativity.

Risk Taking vs. Novelty Seeking


Young adults are often characterized by both risk-taking and novelty-seeking tendencies.


They often experience an increased drive for reward, excited to pursue intense activities. This tendency creates deeper engagement, especially among shared experience.

  • The continuum: dangerous behavior, impulsive vs. openness to change, passion, meaningful curiosity, exploration, adventure


Real Recovery Clinical Services provides substance use treatment services for young adults that focus on curiosity and exploration, through a diverse range of therapeutic interventions. These include ecotherapy and equine therapy, alongside the inherent risk of creating meaningful, vulnerable relationships with other supportive individuals. The risk of decision-making in recovery, in accordance with commonly upheld values, is a conception transition to all Real Recovery Clinical Services clients. These firm decisions are in opposition to the common young adult experience, defined by extreme uncertainty, indecision and confused emotion.

Increased Emotional Intensity


Passion and an insatiable lust for life are two further attributes that further frame the young adult experience. They seek deep emotional ties to their habits, and look to share favorite activities, hobbies and other pursuits with peers, deepening relationships through shared, intense emotion.


  • The continuum: impulsivity, moodiness, reactivity vs. passion, deep energy reserves

Real Recovery Clinical Services emphasizes internal experience. We help young adults embrace and accept their depth of emotion in early recovery, fostering engagement through meaningful change to restore vitality and full energy for life.

Social Engagement


Young adults seek enhanced social engagement. In fact, consistently meaningful connection with peers gives young adults the ability to create relationships based on value and consciousness. Whether it’s academic-minded conversation at school, professional dialogue in an office environment or informal communication in a purely relaxive setting, communal engagement is forever important to young adults.

  • The continuum: isolation and feelings of rejection from adults, time spent with like-minded peers, conflict between peers and creation of supportive, authentic relationships founded in vulnerability and meaningful connection

Real Recovery Clinical Services recognizes the evidence-based value in meaningful connection with supportive individuals as a means of increasing overall well-being, happiness and life satisfaction. Social engagement strategies are a primary focus in all facets of the Real Recovery experience, from psychotherapeutic group work to individual and family therapy.

Creative Exploration


Young adults are driven to creative exploration, as part of a movement toward an expanded sense of consciousness. Creative exploration also helps unlock in young adults the capacity for abstract thinking and creativity in pursuit of problem-solving skills.

  • The continuum: identity crisis, unclear sense of self, lack of direction and purpose, vulnerability to peer pressure, rigidity of innovative and imaginative perspectives, increased consciousness and awareness, exploratory and diverse experiences


Real Recovery Clinical Services offers therapeutic intervention and support aimed at increasing awareness of their place and connection in, and with, the world. Through creative exploration in ecotherapy and mindfulness-based exercises for increasing awareness, young adults exercise creative exploration on a passionate level.