A Framework for Family Healing

Influenced by the science and theory behind interpersonal neurobiology, emotion-focused family therapy (EFFT) lays the groundwork for family health and healing. Through EFFT, family members and caregivers are encouraged to embrace their critical role in their loved one’s recovery from substance use habits, alongside any relevant mental health issues.

Parents and caregivers often experience difficulty in helping children adequately cope with the challenges that life sends their way. Emotion-focused family therapy helps provide a roadmap for anyone entrusted with the care of a child, especially a child approaching maturity through young adulthood. Specifically, EFFT offered through Real Recovery Clinical Services helps parents disengage symptoms and promote health-focused behaviors, assisting children and adolescents of all ages in processing emotions, damaging thought patterns and barriers to progress and recovery.

Our Philosophy

Increased Parental Involvement Through EFFT

EFFT empowers parents to take steps in becoming active advocates for their children, no matter their age. Parents and caregivers are enabled through emotion-focused family therapy to support health-focused behaviors, help loved ones process emotions and lead relational injury repair.

Decreasing Avoidance and Supporting Health-Focused Behaviors

Real Recovery Clinical Services helps parents and caregivers foster an environment where children of all ages learn to embrace challenges and pursue positive change. In a protected, non-judgmental setting, young children, adolescents and young adults can make concrete strides toward healthy, happy lives, in replacing destructive behaviors and negative thought patterns – especially those concerning substance use habits – with productive activities. When parents and caregivers support – and exemplify – health-focused behaviors, they help to remove one more barrier between their child and a fulfilling lifestyle.

Helping Loved Ones Process Overt and Underlying Emotions

Complex thought patterns, underlying emotions and other internal processes can bring recovery to a grinding halt, if left unaddressed. Fortunately, emotion-focused family therapy through Real Recovery Clinical Services helps all family members process and overcome these barriers to therapy, treatment and progress.

EFFT also helps parents and caregivers who feel guilt or self-blame. In the same way that family therapy helps children lead productive lives, it can assist adults in fully processing emotions and self-awareness, ultimately helping the family unit restore togetherness and empathy.

Leading the Repair of Relational Injuries

Relationships with family members, friends, peers and loved ones aren’t immune to life’s challenges. Often, we see relationships fractured as a byproduct of substance abuse struggles or accompanying mental health struggles. Thankfully, emotion-focused family therapy helps you and all attending family members take strides to mitigate damaged relationships. EFFT can also impart concrete steps to repair damaged relationships, steps that can be applied to relationships shared with individuals not attending therapy.

A True Lifespan Approach

Emotion-focused family therapy is best offered as a full-lifestyle approach to your health and well-being. Participation in emotion-focused family therapy sometimes means adopting an individual approach to family engagement; sometimes, attending EFFT alongside parents or caregivers only makes more sense. And when it’s best to bring the entire family to your next EFFT session, Real Recovery Clinical Services is ready to offer respectful, compassionate care.