When you look back on your life, how many years will you say you’ve been sober?

Drugs and alcohol can numb your senses, impair your cognitions and devastate the plans you had for your life. Getting sober now will change the way you look at the world and interact with it for as long as you live. When you’re clear-headed you’ll be able to enjoy new activities, love yourself, plan for the future and have more fun.

Here are all the ways your perspective will change when sobriety lasts.

Improved self-perception

Addiction impacts every area of a person’s life, from career to diet, from social life to mental wellbeing. People struggling with substance abuse have a front-row seat to watch the life they’ve built crumble.

Nothing destroys self-esteem like an addiction. The good news is, as sobriety heals those areas of life, a person’s self-perception is rebuilt, too. Every marker on the path to long-term recovery is an instant confidence boost, especially because you’ll feel better and look healthier too as the journey continues.

Hope for the future

It’s hard to plan for the future when every day is dedicated to satisfying a craving for drugs or alcohol. When you’re sober, your time, your energy and your money aren’t tied up and you can engage in new things and set goals for years down the road.

What have you always dreamed of that addiction pushed out of your reach – Tropical vacations? Early retirement? A beautiful house? The freedom sobriety brings makes achieving those aspirations a realistic goal for your life, so go ahead, start planning adventures for the sober you.

Healthier thinking patterns

Addiction changes the brain, and a mind that is rewired by drugs and alcohol has distorted thought patterns that could result in drastic negative consequences. Irrational thinking is the norm for a brain clouded by substances, but sobriety can flip that around.

When sobriety lasts, thought processes are again based in reality. Decision making, communication, reasoning, problem-solving and emotional intelligence bounce back to prime functioning, so you can reclaim your mind and live freely.

More opportunities for creativity

When you’re at a point in recovery where obtaining drugs and alcohol don’t consume your thoughts all day long, you can already start to reap the benefits of sobriety. The mental clarity that comes with a mind free of toxins opens your life to endless opportunities for creativity and contemplation.

Have you ever been curious about poetry? Painting? Graphic design? Home decor? Now’s the chance to capitalize on the skills and talents you have.

Better relationships

No one knows better than you that substance abuse harms relationships. Trust is broken and people put up walls to defend themselves when they or a loved one is in the throes of an addiction. When you start getting sober (and continue on the journey) those damaged relationships can be mended and rebuilt.

When you’re sober your relationships with family, friends and coworkers are more pleasant because you won’t be irritable, lethargic or depressed from the effects of drugs and alcohol. You can truly enjoy social interactions, too, because your mind won’t be consumed with a desire to get high.

Your dating life will also take a turn for the better, as dating someone who struggles with substance abuse is a huge turn-off for most people. If you’re thinking more long-term it’s obviously more fulfilling to raise a family when you’re not a slave to addiction.

Enjoy life more

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, you’ll have better quality sleep and a reduced risk of mental and physical conditions after addiction. Also, the Coalition Against Drug Abuse states you’ll maintain a healthier weight. According to the American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse you’ll have more job security, too.

Recovery from substances gives you the chance to feel good in your body and feel secure in your circumstances. It’s no secret – when you’ve been sober for a while you’ll be able to soak up all life has to offer, and who doesn’t want to have more fun?

True freedom

When sobriety is no longer a constant struggle and the danger of relapse slowly fades, you’ll finally get that taste of true freedom you’ve been longing for. Instead of desperately trying to get that next fix, you’ll be packing your bags for a beach vacation knowing you put in the work and deserve to enjoy it.

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