Real Recovery Clinical Services

Real Recovery Clinical Services

PHP, IOP & Outpatient Treatment for men and women suffering with substance use disorders.

In the heart of Asheville, North Carolina lives a team of passionate clinicians and recovery professionals who have dedicated their lives to providing REAL answers to those struggling with addiction. Utilizing progressive and evidence-based approaches, they are finding unique ways to make recovery possible, even for those who thought it never could be.

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Real Recovery Mission

How real is your recovery?

While we do firmly believe that fun is a crucial element in the recovery process, each client at Real Recovery takes treatment very seriously. Over the years, we’ve developed a curriculum rooted in evidence-based addiction treatment, all delivered by licensed, experienced clinicians. We’ve learned how to make PHP, IOP, and outpatient treatment engaging, accessible, and impactful for clients who have found it hard to buy in to more traditional programs. Our goal is to empower every client to find an intrinsic motivation to realize their full potential, free of addiction.

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Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Motivational Interviewing (MI) serve as the foundations for all treatment at Real Recovery. 

ACT addresses the struggle that so many individuals have with troubling thoughts. ACT teaches us to notice our thoughts without being owned by them. Through mindfulness, clients at Real Recovery gain distance from their mental suffering.

There are three main components to ACT:

  • Accept the effects of life’s hardships
  • Choose directional values
  • Take action

MI illuminates a person’s intrinsic values, helps them see what is important and what is worth letting go of.

The spirit of MI is based on four key elements:

  1. Collaboration between the practitioner and the client
  2. Evoking or drawing out the client’s ideas about change
  3. Emphasizing the autonomy of the client
  4. Practicing compassion in the process

Our youthful clientele engage recovery in a fashion that maintains their lust for life. We help them identify their competing desires (visions and plans that run contrary to substance use). In helping them become passionate about healthy goals, clients learn that human desire is not something to battle, rather to embrace when it can be applied to recovery. Clients can find amazing relief within the truth that one mind cannot simultaneously want opposite things. This desire-forward approach is supported by evolutionary psychology, synergizing within the framework of ACT and MI. In other words, if you are passionate about a healthy lifestyle, you are going away from addiction – physically and psychologically.

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